Because Embracing the Suck Just Isn’t Good Enough

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The year 2020 is not responsible for the content…

I never liked holding a particular year responsible for all the rottenness committed by humans. A year is just an innocent unit of measurement that the human race fills with deeds both good and bad while we all complete an orbit around the sun. In spite of this I was still happy to encounter some Christmas music on the radio today knowing that soon this year would be wrapping up. …

Consider the Influence of one of the Least Politically Diverse Areas in the United States

The Need For Diversity

A lack of diversity leads to a lack of innovation. A lack of diversity leads to groupthink. A lack of diversity leads to stagnation. The need for diversifying systems, organizations, living spaces, in the areas of race, ethnicity, color, culture, gender, religion is an ongoing struggle. There is no doubt that diverse organizations that embrace the influence of all cultures, genders, religions, races, and ethnicities are stronger, innovative, and more adaptable to change.

Why Political Diversity?

Where there is no political…

A Quick Start Guide to Teaching Reading Skills

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Previously on How to Help Your Child Become a Better Reader: A Quick Start Guide to Reading Conferences

Reading Conference Recap

The above link is to my Quick Start Guide to reading conferences for parents. My goal is to provide parents with easy access to proven techniques for teaching reading without educational jargon. The first article is on why and how to begin reading conferences also known as reading time with your child. Reading time is simply listening to a child read a book that is on their independent reading level and…

A Quick Start Guide to Reading Conferences

This article is the first in a series designed to help parents help their children improve their reading skills without educational jargon.

A Reading Conference is a technique used in schools to help students improve their reading skills. This technique works to support school-based or home-based education. If the parent can read the parent can teach a child to read, specific knowledge or training is not necessary.

There are three requirements:

  1. A child
  2. A book
  3. An adult

To help you think about the process here is a quick analogy. Teaching reading and teaching driving. Typically the adult teaching driving had…

When you are tired of being SMART

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Ever Heard of George T. Doran? Me neither.

SMART Goals are a business acronym used in personnel and project management. The acronym SMART was coined by George T. Doran in the 1981 issue of Management Review titled, There’s a S.M.A.R.T. way to Write Management’s Goals and Objectives. Doran did not get into the weeds about what was the definition of a goal v. objective. He noted that it depended on the organization. He tended to use the term objective in the article. His original definition is as follows:

  • Specific — target a specific…

A guru, an activist, a poet, and a spiritual entertainer meet on a houseboat to decide if it is better to drop out or take over.

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Dropping Out

We’ve all thought about it and some of us have done it. I can not call my semi-retired status dropping out, but it is close enough for me. Regardless of my age living indoors and eating regularly were always a part of my long list of to-dos. Dropping out probably takes more commitment than the neck-tie strangle scene I have been a part of all my life. Even though as a 6-year-old child of two educators I was not a part of the 1967 counterculture I carry those times as a part of my personal history.

I previously wrote a…

How does a mature person begin writing?

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Is Medium just a place for writers to write about writing for writers? Or are there non-writing readers reading about becoming writers?

I see much writing advice directed toward young people. These listicles promise thousands of dollars from a single post, search engine optimization hacks to keep you on the first page of a well-known search engine, how to harvest email addresses, and build your tribe. Is that what writing is about?

How can a mature person with something to say and nothing to prove begin writing? Here is one small example.

Writing in the 21st century

I am enjoying being an author. For 50…

Yes, it worked for me.

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No One Wants To Read This

This is an article that no one will read. Based on many Medium articles retirement is something that takes place in your 30s after establishing a wildly successful start-up. The ingredients to achieve this goal are meditation, cold showers, making your bed, introspective journaling, minimalism, grit, becoming a nomad and several hundred other listicle topics that will not be mentioned here.

Retire at 30 or in 30?

There are those people who do crush life and retire early. However, these are in a minority of talented and lucky people such as professional athletes, best-selling authors, supermodels, top actors, and lottery winners. Their stories are always told…

A Continuing Alcohol Education Fieldtrip

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As the Recovering Educator, I realize that we must take every opportunity to continue our education. I have been an educator for 30 plus years and a legal consumer of adult beverages for much longer. My knowledge of New Orleans libations was limited to the Sazerac. Until a recent visit, I had no idea that there were other iconic drinks that originated in the Cresent City. Typically drinking and education do not mix well, however, learning about adult beverages is a loophole that I was able to explore.

Continuing Education

The trip to New Orleans was a…

We Did Our Best

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June 2034

Today the members of the class of 2034 are staring at screens, making up stories from the pictures in a book, throwing tantrums, messily eating their favorite meal, laughing, crying, and generally expressing themselves like all small children across the planet regardless of the nation of their birth. Thirteen years from now these happy children will sit in an uncomfortable chair wearing a long gown on the hottest day of the year and listen to a long-winded speaker drone on about a pandemic that they were too young to remember, but never will be allowed to forget. Regardless of this…

The Recovering Educator

After more than 30 years in the educational industrial complex, I’m now thinking inside a bigger box.

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